Paging Duncan Wilcox…

Duncan Wilcox (who used to be is the last person I need to contact about relicensing. Previously, I tried to pursue this via the fact that Palm acquired Be, and then split into PalmSource and PalmOne. However, in the blog comments, Wade Ezri pointed out that Duncan was probably contributing on his own time rather than as a Be employee. Wade gave me another email address – – but I got no reply from that either.

So if anyone who is reading knows Duncan, please ask him to drop me a line :-)

5 thoughts on “Paging Duncan Wilcox…

  1. Whois output for:

    x400-domain: c=it; admd=0; prmd=wilcox;
    org: Duncan Wilcox
    org-unit: Servizi Informatica (
    descr: Via Dell’Oche, 15
    descr: I-50122 Firenze Italy
    admin-c: DW2968-ITNIC
    tech-c: SF442-ITNIC
    postmaster: SF442-ITNIC
    zone-c: SF442-ITNIC
    remarks: Delegated-To
    mnt-by: MCLINK-MNT
    created: 20000328
    expire: 20060328
    changed: 20000309
    source: IT-NIC

    person: Duncan Wilcox
    address: Duncan Wilcox (
    address: Servizi Informatica
    address: Via Dell’Oche, 15
    address: I-50122 Firenze Italy
    phone: +39 055 292201
    nic-hdl: DW2968-ITNIC
    changed: 20000307
    source: IT-NIC

    person: Silvano Fraticelli
    address: Via C. Perrier, 9a
    address: I-00157 Roma Ital
    phone: +39 06 418921
    fax-no: +39 06 4515592
    nic-hdl: SF442-ITNIC
    changed: 20040302
    changed: 20050402
    source: IT-NIC