Thunderbird Junk Extension Idea

You know what would be cool? An extension for Thunderbird which adds a column to the message display showing junk mail score from the naive-Bayesian filter, and also some UI to change the threshold.

Currently, my junk mail filter gets almost no false positives, but normally misses a few messages which seem obviously junk to me. It would be useful to know what the scores are, and be able to adjust the threshold to try and catch some more.

Any experienced extension author feel like building one? (I would say “knocking one up”, but someone pointed out last time I used that phrase that it can mean something else the other side of the Atlantic.) Or maybe it exists already?

6 thoughts on “Thunderbird Junk Extension Idea

  1. Maybe you should ask Karsten D´┐Żsterloh, the author of mnenhy, the Mozilla Mail & Newsgroup enhancer. His tool is already showing some junk mail statistics and he resurrected the “Junk state unknown” icon. He is also very open for suggestions. See

  2. Being English, I think due to the context of the post, adding “knocking one up” would make sense. I doubt if many people over here would assume you meant to have sex with the non existant plugin ;-)

    But it did make me chuckle :-)

    nice one!


    P.S. if some one said ‘are you knocking her up?’, it would sound odd. But if some one said ‘she’s been knocked’ up that would make sense. Weird, never thought about that phrase before…..

  3. I forgot to mention that mnenhy is doing a lot more than the junk statistics. Especially useful are the clickable references headers known from Netscape 4 and the custom headers.

  4. Good idea, but may be instead of a new column (which will use too much real estate on the screen) add a tooltip (popup) over existing Junk status column?
    I mean you don’t need to see those numbers for each and every message, just for few.

  5. This would be even more useful, if combined with another enhancement or extension:
    It would be good to have 2 threshold levels:
    – one for automatically deleting upon arrival those messages that are almost certainly (99% or higher) spam/junk,
    – and the other for deferring suspicious messages to the “junk” folder/mailbox, where they can be checked before removal.