Extracts From My Sent Mail (1)


Would you be available to meet in person to discuss our product and Mozilla licensing?

Kind regards-
Susannah Smith
Kinetix, Inc.
264 Dolphin Way, Suite #98
Redwood City, CA 94063
(650) 555-1234

Certainly. I could make tomorrow evening free if necessary.

I believe there are regular flights from San Francisco or Oakland to London with a variety of excellent airlines. Then you’d need to take public transport to the center of town, make your way to Finsbury Park station in the north, and take an overland train to Gordon Hill (about 25 minutes). Walk down Gordon Hill, which changes into Gordon Road; Heene Road is then the first left. I’m at number 21, flat 3. If you come at around 7pm, I’m happy to cook.

Or perhaps a teleconference might be more convenient for you? :-)


13 thoughts on “Extracts From My Sent Mail (1)

  1. Given that Redwood City is not far from Mountain View, asking if a personal meeting is possible does not seem that unreasonable to me.

    That’s assuming that Redwood City was the sender’s real location and not a pseudonymised replacement.

    And don’t you ever worry about evil stalkers knowing your exact address?

  2. “Where’s the Google Maps route?”

    Google Maps doesn’t really work with public transport, it’s more of a driving thing. And most of time, if you’re driving in London, you’re crazy. You’re little less crazy if you’re going from, say, Heathrow Airport to Enfield, as you can avoid central London.

    Anyway, here’s the Google Maps route from Heathrow to Gerv’s place:


    If you want public transport, try http://journeyplanner.tfl.gov.uk/.

  3. Though if you are going to be out here at any point, you’re welcome to stay with me. Assuming there’s a free bed, of course. :) And assuming that no one pays to put you up in a posh hotel room. ;)

  4. Imagine the sender being harassed by publishing her tele no. Gerv, this is stupid. Emails are private for a reason. Atleast, you would do yourself good by removing the specifics of the other person.

  5. “Hmmm…. Seems like distances ought to be expressed in km instead of miles.”

    Miles are still used for road distances in the United Kingdom.

  6. Assuming she’s not a spammer but a valid (if a little mis-informed) sender, she should be very pissed that you’ve posted her details on the web, I know I would. Not a nice thing to do.


  7. The prefix posted is 555, the standard U.S. fictional prefix. Either he or she didn’t post anyone’s accurate phone number at least. Maybe some of the rest of it is altered, too.

  8. Calm down people – names have been changed to protect the innocent (although the originator of the email was in Redwood City; changing that would rather have spoiled the joke).

    David: I posted it because both I and the recipient found it funny; I thought you might too :-)

    And don’t you ever worry about evil stalkers knowing your exact address?

    No. If an evil stalker wanted to find my address, they would have little trouble doing so, post or no post. But I’d like to reassure any burglars reading this blog that there is very little of value inside my house – at least, very little of value to anyone else. :-)