Jobs Galore

It’s a good time to be a browser developer. Everyone’s hiring. In alphabetical order:

I suspect AOL/Netscape are hiring too, but I can’t find a jobs page for them. Apple may well be hiring, but Googling for “Safari Jobs” just brings up a load of WWDC keynotes… And I’m sure Konqueror can always use more volunteers :-).

10 thoughts on “Jobs Galore

  1. A neat Google trick (not that it worked) is to use the tilde ~ before a word.

    This then searches for synonyms as well as the word itself – for example, it would automatically search for apple employment, apple careers, etc.

  2. Samuel the need for a PPC browser is decreasing… Okay its more a Cocoa-broser that still will be, i know.

  3. Unfortunately, Apple’s jobs site appears to be entirely session based, so if I pasted a direct link, it likely wouldn’t work for very long. So I’ll give you instructions how to get to it :)

    Go to Apple’s Careers page and click the link for “Find Jobs at Apple Worldwide”. Enter Safari in the search box and submit. There’s 5 positions listed currently. 2 CoreServices engineers, a Javascript Engineer, a WebCore engineer, and a Compatibility QA Engineer.