Skype – Hype?

I thought I’d give Skype a try for dialling into long US teleconferences, as there’s a little friction in our household currently over use of the phone. Sadly, its DTMF generation is so bad that the conference server won’t let me into the meeting! Apparently I’m not the only person with this problem, and it’s been present for 18 months. You would have thought they could get something as basic as DTMF right. Oh, well.

4 thoughts on “Skype – Hype?

  1. I’ve used Skype for dialing from the UK into conference calls about the service before and it worked fine for me, I could join the call and participate etc. using the tones in Skype.

  2. I love Skype. I don’t use the pay service right now, but the free P2P stuff rocks. Had a review session with a friend virtually in our respective rooms for an exam. A 6hr review with no problems, no cost. Great being able to do that.