Change of Employment

I’m pleased to say that today is my first day working for the Mozilla Foundation. :-)

Henceforth, I will be working 2.5 days a week for Data Connection, 2 days a week for the Mozilla Foundation, and will be unemployed for 0.5 days a week; I will be aggregating that time to allow me to do other important things. I’d like to thank Data Connection for agreeing to share me in this way.

The current plan is to work for the Foundation on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My first task was to clear some of the backlog in my inbox; I started the day with 400 messages, and I’m now down to 237. So those of you who just heard from me after a long period of silence – you know why!

Going forward, I will have a number of responsibilities, which will become more clear over the next few weeks. One I’m particularly excited about is “[perform] analysis and [make] recommendations regarding anti-phishing issues, and other topics that impact the user experience on the web.” As many of you know, I am very interested in usability and look forward to making a contribution there.

The future of the Mozilla project is extremely exciting. In the past, we’ve broken new ground in many areas – the first major corporate opening of code, the first project to have a complete set of integrated web-based tools, often being the first project to hit particular scaling issues, the first Foundation with a significant number of paid employees, the first project to seriously adopt community marketing, and being the most widely-used piece of consumer free software on the planet. I expect to see that sort of innovation continue, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

15 thoughts on “Change of Employment

  1. Congrats and welcome, Gerv! I hope to work with you on some of that user experience stuff you’re so jazzed about.

  2. Excellent news, Gerv :) . Better usability is always welcome.

    So when are you going to redesign Account Settings in Thunderbird? ;)

  3. Well done Gerv – hope you enjoy the employment with Mozilla, and all the best – some of your anti-phising ideas are top-notch, and it’s great that you’ll get to be part of implementing them!


  4. welcome aboard, gerv

    Gervase (pronounced like “service”) Markham, is now an official part time employee of the Mozilla Foundation. It seems kind of silly to say “welcome aboard” since he’s been working in the Mozilla world for as long as I have, but getting paid to work on…

  5. Good Luck Gervase, I hope you like working for Data Connection, I did some work with them for Nat West Bank (probably more than 10 years ago). They were a great company then – hope they’re still just as good and that you’ll enjoy the work.