Harry Potter 6 Released

(In case you’ve been living in a cave and haven’t noticed). I’m off to get my copy…

Warning: Spoilers in comments.

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  1. On a related note:

    “Due to book discounts and free shipping offers online booksellers like Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble will make no money off of the pre sales of “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”, but must rely entirely on the sale of other books on the same customer order.”


    Funny stuff…

    I’ll continue reading my copy of “The Zen of CSS Design,” the book about the CSS Zen Garden, while everyone else reads Harry Potter.

  2. I got my copy at 1am, finished it by 8.30am :-D. But then I was leading a discussion group at a book festival on it the today so I had to have it finished; mind you I also got the book free.

  3. At least your not one of these moronic Americans that believes Harry Potter is sinful because it ‘promotes witchcraft and sourcery’… and other associated Bill ****.

    Enjoy. I know you won’t be the only adult reading. I know quite a few who planned to be waiting at night to snatch the first copies. Borderline silly. Personally, I could never get into them. The genre was never really my thing.

    Now back to README and CHANGELOG files. Something I “get”.

  4. to anonymous person above:

    It could be worse, have you spent much time in bookstores these days? I didn’t enjoy them much myself, but let these guys read what they want. If they enjoy it than let them enjoy it. No sense in getting unhappy over other peoples reading tastes.

  5. Dumb story? You obviously either
    A) Don’t read very much..
    B) Havn’t read through a whole Harry Potter book…

    I was in the same boat, when living in London, I had a canadian flat mate who was ‘re-reading’ all the harry potter books (then only 4) and I mocked him for weeks about reading a dumb kids book and giggling like a 4 year old while doing so.

    A month later for my birthday, he bought me the first book and made me swore i woudl read ‘atleast 4 chapters’. Spending a few hours on the tube everyday, I gave it a shot.. was hooked. I like to read, and few books get your imagination going as readily and easily as HP books do.

    Having said that, I bought my book today, although I need to finish my current book I’m reading first.

    As for ‘moronic Americans’, I’m one of those, but they are definitally NOT the majority, and those ‘religious’ groups who bash on the book, are really lost souls who enjoy bitching and moaning more than actually feeding on the word of God and getting to know him. But this happens in everyother country as well (religion != loving and following God), I guess over here they are a bit more vocal as politicians actually seem care what some of these groups think (for better or worse… probably worse).

    just my 2 cents

  6. helloooo! i just finished reading the Half Blood Prince and I say it was awesome!!! However, if you havent read the book, dont read my following statement, ok? ok. I HATE ROWLING BECAUSE SHE KILLED OFF DUMBELDORE, SHE MUST DIE!!

  7. SPOILER!!!!

    I hate that Rowling has tried to convince us to like Snape for so long. I really never wanted to like him, and now I’m glad I don’t liek him!! And I wish he hadn’t had come out because I know Malfoy couldn’t have done it and seemed pretty close to coming to the good side in order to save his own butt, which he seems to do a lot. I was sad about Bill but really really glad that Fleur still loved him….it shows she’s not as full of herself as I thought. I really am mad that Dumbledore trusted Snape…..and that Sanpe didn’t even have to think before killing off Dumbledore. The stuff about the Horcruxes was REALLY interesting. It explains a lot and gives me hope that Harry can win.

  8. i still haven’t gotten to the point of reading it but i don’t get what the hype is all about. sure.. its a great read but seriously not that great to go crazy about. guess i have to read it to find out. i anybody out there has a free copy, pls mail it to me.

  9. Spoiler!

    I’m soooooo upset that Dumbledore got killed off!!! These books are getting very dark. But I’m not sure about Snape. He could have told Dumbledore about Malfoy and Dumbledore might have said for him to kill him if it came down to it (Snape would have had to because of the vow he took or die himself – Dumbledore might have thought Snape was more useful to stay alive as he was a spy in the Death Eaters). When he was saying ‘please severus’, etc, it could have meant ‘please, do it’
    Ok, maybe I am reaching here, but Dumbledore never had a look of shock on his face when Snape was about to kill him. You’d think he would have been surprised.

    What does anyone else think?

  10. Hey! I have already read it!!! It�s fantastic!!! I can�t wait to read the next one… God, I couldn�t stop reading! It was fabulous!!! Now, the problem is, I read it so fast I now have nobody to discuss it with!!! And I can�t wait to!!!!

  11. Oh, and about what you Kat said… it�s a good theory, but anyway, I think you need to be a bit more realistic. Snape is a bad guy, Rowling�s already shown us that throughout the six books.
    Anyway, I don�t think I really understood what happened at the end of Dumbledore�s funeral… I mean, is Harry going to drop school and chase the ones who killed the people he loved the most, or is he going to spend antother `peaceful year with Ron and Hermione� before he goes after them as he said at the end? Cos I mean, I don�t think that going after Voldemort is a peaceful way of spending an year…. what do you guys think???

  12. He is skipping hogwarts to kill Voldemort but Dumbledore comes back to life with Sirius by stepping out of the curtain and they help him kill voldemort in the demon world where voldemorts last horcrux is harry’s scar so harry has to die also so harry and voldemort die when harry kills himself by pulling voldemort through the curtain.


  13. SPOILER!!
    just finished reading the book, can’t believe it!!! why snape?? why dumbledore??? i actually liked snape, he WAS one of my favorite characters… anyway, the best book so far, though my chosen one will always be PoA

  14. this was definetely the best book so far…..whiteape can u explain how all that happens – or are you just guessing ?….when dumbledore died i had a feeling that he secretely had horcruxs of his own..well that never happened did it…
    and i might of missed it, but did we find out what actually happened to dumbledores hand ??

  15. I’ve posted a bunch of theories on my blog… I believe I have evidence that Snape is actually good and Dumbledore knew what was coming.

    I also think I know what one of the horcruxes is that none of the characters have spotted yet.

    Readers of the Leaky Cauldron also found where the locket is and identified who R.A.B. refers to (the link to the thread in question is in my blog too).

    Ok, you might think I’m spamming for my site, but (much as I love sharing my theories) I’m getting tired of typing them over and over again – it’s much easier to point to what I already wrote.

    I highly recommend the Leaky Cauldron in general for all your theorizing needs – the commenters there are very smart and know the books inside out. Plus they’re in the middle of posting a *very* exclusive multipart JKR interview which has lots more tantalizing hints.

  16. O.K to the people who put Anonymous, DON’T because people can put their cursers on the posted by bit and see your e-mail address just ubove their toolbar!!!!

    finished the book – amazing probably my favourite! Dumbledores death was so quick, i was expecting it not to happen. ron and hermione still are not together!!! i like the idea of Sirus and Dumbledore coming back, but it’s not gonna happen, Harry will probably die at the end of the 7th book. will Percy ever talk to his family??? how long will it be till J.K releases the next 1?

  17. Spoliers(well could be)
    I dont like how JK killed dumbldore but just think. What if it wasnt dumblbdore, like someone with polyjuice potion or he has a horcus. No one would ever question snapes loyalty and hge could give all the info to dumbldore. While no one knows hes alive he could hunt the horcuses 24/7. (just a theroy of mine) I personally think he died to easily. For CHRIST”S sake its dumbldore. One of the best wizards ever. We saw with the mirrior i nthe second one i think he could be invisible, and he can do spells with out a wand, come on. And also R.A.B=Regulis black.

  18. i wish i could kill rowling for killing dumbledore ,she could have atleast kept him till the last book..
    who the hell is R.A.B.,the name of the book could have been somethin else as snape did not do anything related to being the half blood prince.what will happen to the order now?????plz get some info .the one abtregulus black is silly as he died years ago

  19. SPOILERS!!

    Okay, it’s just soooo sad that Dumbledore was ” Avada Kedavra”ed by one of the coolest dudes. Thats right. I think that Snape was innocent. Remember the argument that Harry heard when Dumbledore was saying ” You have do it” then Snapes like ” All right ” as if he’s being forced. I think he made an Unbreakable Vow with D.dore.
    And R.A.B, I think is Regulus A Black, Sirius bro. I mean, he vanished occording to the books but maybe had a Horcrux of his own? I dunno, but sad bout D.dore :( Anyone else here the same???

  20. With regards to Snape – I still think he’s good. Albus was no hood-winked fool despite what people are assuming.

    My own personal view is that the green liquid around the Horcrux or the water in the cave which Dumbledore told Harry not to touch, which later Harry threw over Dumbledore in an attempt to save him, was cursed. That Snape, who earlier in the book was telling his class how to tell the difference between the Inferi (zombie things) and a ghost knew exactly how to recognise one and, bear with me, saw that Dumbledore, who was collapsed against the wall, was going to turn into one and that when Dumbledore called Snape’s name, he was actually asking him to kill him. Dumbledore himself had sworn Harry to do what he asked him, whatever that might be, who’s to say that he hadn’t done the same with Snape? I know, most will disagree, but J K Rowling has done this kind of thing before i.e. Sirius so I for one am not prepared to believe the worst of Snape.

  21. Hi, me again. Another comment. How could the HBP could have been Snape when he wasn’t there 50 years ago when the book(second-hand Advanced Potion Making of Slughorn’s) was. Harry considered his dad being the hbp but remembered that he had to be there 50 years ago!? Strange! And Regulus. The locket they found when they were cleaning but couldnt open was his Horcrux!! If it was it then why leave it lying around in the family house, so on second thoughts, maybe not!! Well, cant wait till da 7th book comes out! Sorry that im spamming!!

  22. So, Victoria, I think that u r right! U no, bout the Inferi. Coz D.dore was yelling out like, dont make me do it and stuff like that. Anyway, whats with all the people hating JK Rowling coz she killed off D.dore! He had to die at that part!I mean, I bet he made an Unbreakable Vow with Snape. Hes not that evil. Well, I have to go coz Roves on. Bye!!


  23. SPOILER!

    This is my theory..

    Dumbledore was getting weak so he had to quickly tell Harry about the horcruxes so Harry would be able to save himself. When they got back to the castle, Dumbledore knew that Draco did not have the will to murder anyone. Snape knew he had to do it, I think Dumbledore (knowing occumency) sort of knew the plan, but not all of it. He told Snape that if it got down to killing him, to do it because then Snape could get closer the Voldy. I think that in the end, he will find out where the horcruxes are or something and then Harry will finish him off. I really doubt Snape is all THAT bad, I mean maybe Dumbly and Snape were argueing because Snape was questioning about the kill thing.. I don’t know, it’s just what I think.

  24. To the comment about how snape could be the half blood prince if the book was 50 years old. Snapes mother Eile Prince owned it before she gave it to snape.

    I think snape is evil. I think that harry is going to kill to find and destroy all but one horcrux in the 7th book. Of course RAB is Regulus Black. I think that the guy selling Sirius’s stuff has the Horcrux. I don’t think Harry and Ginny should have broke up. And Ron and Hermoine havent got together yet witch is annoying. I think that the DA is gonna reform with more people and stuff and their gonna tackle the darklords army and Voldemort.

  25. The point I wanted to raise is with you guys who are saying how could JKR kill off Dumbledore. Well to be honest its pretty easy to do. I mean if Snape is good, then he has to do it to save Dumbledore from what the green water does, right. And if Snape is evil and doing what Voldemort wants then of course he is going to kill off Dumbledore because Dumbledore is the one wizard that Voldemort is afraid of. See what I mean?

  26. Hey, you guys are totally right, because of course Snape would have got the book from his mum. Also what I said before about Regulus. The Horcrux of him is at 12, Grimmauld House. And the green liquid, well, that was probably was something that turns people into Inferi, so Snape was doing Dumbledore a favour! I mean, who wants to spend their life going around killing innocent people. Well, obviosly , Voldemort. But not Dumbledore. So, one of my theories for the 7th book is that Harry is going to go to Grimmaud Place and find Regulus’ Horcrux. Then , with Regulus, he will track down old Volde and kill him. HA HA HA HA HAAA!

  27. you guys are right, i think that rab is sirius’s bro and the locket was the horcrux, which mundungus probably sold or something. regulus can still be dead and be RAB because the note said he would probably be dead by the time voldemort read the note…RAB expected to die and regulus died some mysterious death. they are definately the same person.
    but…. snape made up those spells (he said so himself) so obviously it wasn’t his moms book.
    also, i hate to break it to you hopefull people, but dumbledore is dead. he does not have a horcrux. horcruxes are BAD. dumbledore would never rip his soul apart because thats basically worse than death and also you have to kill someone to make a horcrux. and i know dumby didn’t do that.

  28. The book was Snape’s when he was a student. — 50 years ago is when the
    Chamber of Secrets was last opened (by Tom Riddle), but there is nothing
    that links the book to the same time period. You have your stories crossed.

  29. Can’t Dumby just give Harry advice by being a painting in his old office where all the other dead headmasters paintings are?

  30. hmmmmm this is kind of off topic but i was wondering if harry truly owns 12 Grimmauld Place, really, if Lestrange owned it she could have simply ordered Kreacher to obey Harry, making it seem like Harry owns it, perhaps this will later play into this locket of R Black’s,if Harry no longer owns it, it may become much more difficult to destroy. any thoughts?

  31. I think R.A.B. is not a relative of Sirius, but rather Mr. Burke of Borgin and Burkes.

    Burke knew all about the locket because he originally bought it from Voldemort’s poor mother (well, ripped her off for it is more like it), and once Voldemort discovered its existence he left Burke and most likely on very, very bad terms.

    Just a thought.

    Also, the art on the book cover is wrong. Dumbledore’s right hand isn’t withered like it should be.

    And I think that J.K. Rowling erred in saying that Harry had never been to a fuenral before attending Dumbledore’s…. he attended one on page 484 of this very book. Or maybe funerals for gigantic spiders don’t count.

  32. Hey have u ever thought that Snape killed Dumbledore on Dumbledore’s orders….U know with Occulmency Dumbledore opened up his mind and Dumbledore was telling Snape to kill him thats why he didnt have to think…Snape trusts Dumbledore because Dumbledore trusted Snape….Plus that arguement..I think Dumbledore knew what Malfoy was up to…Dumbledore just knew everything..he has a plan, and snapes the only one that knows it

  33. how can j.k. rowling be wrong? the wrote the freakin book. she made the story. she is NOT able to be wrong about her own imagination

  34. I did not say she was wrong… not exactly… she just overlooked the fact that there was a funeral for a big dead spider by the name of Aragog earlier in the book, and Harry was in attendance. But like I said, maybe funerals for big dead spiders don’t count.

  35. I just finished the book yesterday. Probably the best one yet. i was shocked that dumbledore died. i wasn’t too crazy about the harry/ginny thing so i was glad when harry decided to break it off. i suspected it though. harry cant keep a girlfriend for more than a book. so…does this mean that harry really isn’t goin to hogwarts next year? i found that really weird. and im really hoping that ron and hermoinie dont get together. that would be totally akward for harry and if they break up it’s sure to destroy their friendship. Harry Ron and Hermoini should just be friend..best friends. HARRY POTTER ROX

  36. In a interview with JKR she said the last chapter(to the 7th which is already written and has been for years) is about what the charecters that are still alive do after Hogwarts. Key word. HOGWARTS. The schools gonna open and i have money on it.

  37. maybe harry will find something to link him to the other horcruxes when he goes to his parents old house, that is where voldemort fell apart

  38. and if you think about it harry already knows what all the horcruxes are 1:the diary he destroyed in #2. 2:The ring d-dore destroyed. 3 and 4:cup and locket that voldemort stole from old lady. 5:voldemorts pet snake. 6:was never created, d-dore said voldy was going to use harrys death as a baby to make it, harry didn’t die, no horcruxe for voldy. 7:Lord Voldemort himself

    the only problem harry has is finding them now, he knows 2, maybe 3 are destroyed, ring and diary, maybe the locket. in book 7 all harry has to find is the cup that was stolen from the old lady, then kill voldy’s pet snake, then go for the devil himself

    this is my theory, not sure if it is all true, d-dores information

  39. i totally agree with u guys. all of the horcruxs r the snake, the locket( probally in the black house, the one that harry couldn’t open in the last book),the cup, and the dairy, and ring were both destroyed. and i bet that the baskilisk in the secoend book was one to because Voldy love Slytherin and to kill mud bloods. then once he destroys them all he’ll just have to kill Voldy.

    I was so upset that Dumbldore died. i never really thought that snape was good. I think that some how Sirius and Dumbledore contact Harry in his dreams though or something like that and help hime out.

    I was also sad that Harry and Ginny split up. “Voldemort will use u 2 get 2 me Ginny” that is so unoriginal.
    also Dumbledores hand is not shrivled up on the front cover

  40. annie Dumbledore did kill someone in the first book. It said so on the back of a choclate frog care and i repeat the card: “Considered by many as the greates wizard of modren times, Dumbledore is particularly famous for his defeat of the dark wizard Grindelwald in 1945…” so theoritly Dumbledore could have Horcrux but i doubt. check 4 ur self on page 102 of the first book

  41. Zach i think there are 7 cause somewhere in the 6th book DD said he was going to use harry death for he last one but after he regain power he use the snake and R.A.B has to be a deatheater because he calls him the Dark Lord on the note so R.Black

  42. I have a few comments to make for those of you who are interested. As I am Allknowing, let me fill you in on a couple secrets that evolved in the closing chapters of the 6th hovel.

    First of all, who might R.A.B. be? Very clear that RAB is none other than Sirius’ brother, REgulus Black. In a talk between Harry and Sirius in the Order of the Phoenix, Sirius expands on his brothers stint as a death eater. He mentions somthin about getting cold feet once he got too deep. It is clear he was against Voldemort and his followers and turned. The note is in agreement with the timeline, as far as his death occuring well before anyone would relocate the Horcrux.

    Second of all, is Dumbledores death. Let me say this once…. he is dead! Dumby does not have a Horcrux as some beleive. Those of you who may remember, he had a casual discusion with the Dark Lord expresssing his views on death. Suggesting that there were worse things than death, it is clear that he himself must set the example. It may have been alarming event, though I believe it was nescessary as well. After all, it is Harry, not Dumbledore, who will bring about the Dark Lord’s destruction. This love Harry has for DUmbledore may now be unleashed, due to his death. ANother brainbuster is why could DUMBY not immediately comunicate with the Order through the portrait? Will he be able to next year? Of course, being the AllKnowing, I have discovered the answer…. but you will have to wait and see

    Finally, Severus Snape. Loyal spy for the Order of Phoenix?, or Death Eater? Professor Snape is indeed still following orders given to him by Albus. The most convincing evidence is when Harry calls him a coward. The fury he rebounds with supports my theory, that he is still living at great personal risk in compliance with the Order. What he is doing, including killing DUmbledore, is anything but cowardice. Though it may not have appeared so to harry, it will be exposed in the series conclusion. I repeat, Severus is still a most dedicated member to the Order, and will be a key character in the closing of the series.

    PS Keep an eye out for that Shaggy Black dog to make a re-appearance…

  43. I just finished reading the 6th book, it was awesome, and Nightfang47, Harry’s immobilizing spell came off when dumbledore died, plus he was buried at the end of the book. Snape is evil and Dumbledore didn’t deserve to die! :'( I cried when he died… I was so sad… Also I believe Harry should’ve made up with Cho or something and had gone out with her.

  44. It is definetly R Black. Harry is not done dealing with Sirius family and learning about the divisions that the “pure-Blood” doctrine has created across the world of wizadry. Snape was acting on Dumbledore’s orders. D’s goal was to “save” Draco and his family. One of the most valuable tools for the Order has been Snape’s double side. Dumbledore made it clear to Harry: he may have not liked James, but have him killed? Maybe Snape loved Harry’s mom. Remember that Snugs always repeated the “inventiveness” of Lily. Did Snape gave Lily pointers? Snape also “saved” Harry saying the Voldemort wanted him for himself. Why nt kill his greatest enemies in one night? I think that Snape has his own story and that we will learn the real reason he changed in the 7th. I think that Dumbledore also had some stories to tell. He was suspicious of Tom Riddle, but did he had regreats like Snugs? Harry scare cannot be a Horcrux. At least not intentional. If he knew that it was a Horcrux he would not be trying to kill Harry. Besides, He wanted to kill Harry because of the prophecy. The scar has to have a greater significance that we have been told. JKR is great. She really left everything open for the 7th. They don’t write books like these anyore…

  45. P.S. I also believe sirius is NOT dead, just disappeared behind the veil thingy.

  46. One more thing. I think that Sirius will be back, maybe Dumbledore. Remember that Dumbledore has been trying to teach Harry that he was save by “love”, thatHarry has something that Tom did not have “love”, that “love” has powerful magic. Remember the Patronus? I think that we are still going to see great things in 7th. I just hope they hurry and make the movies before the kids are too old. It would be a bummer to change actors. It hurt not to see Richard Harris on TPOA.

  47. *SPOILER*
    i actually liked the title. because at first i thought harry was the HBP and then i thought voldemort was, and then it turned out to be snapes mom and snape. odd, but still cool.
    P.S. i think you guys are reading WAY too much into this… Dumbledore and sirius are dead… get over it.