Away (Yet Again)

I’m going to Norway until the 25th, for a proper, relaxing holiday. Any Norwegian Mozilla people within travelling distance of here who might like to meet up, email me at my personal email address before tomorrow morning :-)

5 thoughts on “Away (Yet Again)

  1. Qt: I believe I’m going to Bergen for a day trip. Are you in Bergen? What would you recommend I see?

    Mac: Opera are in Oslo, which is about 600km away – a bit of a trek for either me or them ;-)

  2. Yep, i’m in Bergen! :)

    The city itself is from the middleage, so it includes lots of nice old buildings and churches. You should at least visit the old harbour (from the hansa period), Fl�ien, fish market, and take a walk in the university’s campus. The most facinating thing about Bergen is that atmosphere: You have the feeling that it’s a small town even it has 250 000+ inhabitants. It also includes a very livley nightlife.