10%? A Breeze…

Remember our aim at the beginning of the year was to try and get Firefox usage up to 10% by the end? Well, it’s only September, and XITI Monitor’s latest figures show that there are only two countries in the EU that they measure data for which have Firefox usage of under 10%. Come on Lithuania and Malta!

Yes, I know, this doesn’t mean we have over 10% worldwide yet.

7 thoughts on “10%? A Breeze…

  1. There are really four countries are under 10%:
    Lithuania 8,68%
    Monaco 6,9%
    Malta 5,08%
    Ukraine 2,89%

    Ok, this doesn’t change the great Firefox success in Europe

  2. “Yes, I know, this doesn’t mean we have over 10% worldwide yet.”

    Who says? Some numbers say we’re there, others say we’re close, and still others say we’re even higher than 10%.

  3. gbitten: Gerv was talking about EU countries. Ukraine and Monaco aren’t members of the European Union.

    On the other hand, XitiMonitor didn’t include other EU countries, such as Cyprus, Latvia and Slovenia, so we can’t be sure if only two EU countries are below 10%.

  4. hmm.. Does it conclusively conclude that the folks from Finland are the smartest lot of them all?

  5. Marcoos: it depends what you call Europe. What’s the definition : Politics, geography? Probably a mix of the two… Switzerland is not a part of the European Union, but it’s surely part of Europe, for example.