Needs a Thump From ACLU Stick?

This rather relevant ad from the ACLU gives a glimpse as to what the future might hold in a database state. It involves a man trying to order a pizza from a company who appears to know everything about him. At the end, there’s a big “Take Action” link, which opens this page on the ACLU website in a popup window. It has a form called “Urge your Members of Congress to Protect Your Privacy!”, which asks for Title, Name, Address, Zip, Phone Number and Email Address, and has the “Yes, sign me up for email spam!” box ticked, and the “No, don’t remember any of this information” box unticked by default!

A touch hypocritical? :-)

6 thoughts on “Needs a Thump From ACLU Stick?

  1. Or merely an oversight. And at least the IS a checkbox, unlike the legislation they are rightfully opposing. Have you written the ACLU admin about this?

  2. You realize that the reason they ask for all that information is so that they can properly identify who your (well, the proverbial ‘your’ :) ) elected representatives are? It is a shame that they default to trying to send you the newsletter though. At least their privacy policy is pretty clear and easy to read, I’ve seen much worse on several e-commerce sites :)

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