Stock Spam

It would be kind of interesting for someone to see what happened (or rather, the magnitude of the losses incurred) if you bought $1000 of every stock which you received a stock spam about, and held on to it for 1 month. Would you make money out of any of them at all? Or would every single one be a loser?

Of course, you would do this using the web and a bit of paper, not with real money :-) If anyone wants to try it, I have a multi-hundred-megabyte file of spam they could use…

8 thoughts on “Stock Spam

  1. If you really want it, ask me and I’ll zip it (or rather, them) up and put them up on FTP somewhere. But there is <checks> 1.3GB of it.

  2. Better, would be to short the recommended stocks. Which the spammers must be doing, some time after the announcement.

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    About nine months ago I remarked that it would be rather cool to track the performance of stocks recommended in spam. It seems that someone has beaten me to it – ran throughout May and June of this year. He bought 37 stocks, of whi…