2 thoughts on “EULAlyser

  1. An idea I had… as well as the ‘view license’ option, it should be possible to save licenses that you’ve previously thought were ok, and show you a differences to the one most similar to the one you’re now looking at. eg, (using [[ ]] for highlights here):

    This license is similar to the license for “X Windows” you accepted, with these differences:
    Copyright (c) [[2005, MyCorp LLC]]
    All rights reserved.

    provided with the distribution.
    Neither the name of the [[MyCorp LLC]] nor the names of its contributors may be
    used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without specific

    Or, display changes side by side instead of a diff. You could show similarity to rejected licenses too, I guess – some people might want to avoid GPL’d code for example. (people are weird that way).