Here Comes Flock…

I’m currently at BarCamp in a tower block in Amsterdam, it’s a quarter to midnight, and Chris Messina and Andy Smith from Flock are here. They tell me that the first public preview of Flock, their browser based on Gecko, is going to be released in the next 24 hours. I’ve seen a demo, and they have a bunch of really interesting ideas to do with integrating social software and web services – like blogging, Flickr and – directly into the browser. It still has a few rough edges, though, so caveat downloador.

Update: Here it is. I don’t know if they password-unprotected the directory, but if they did, go get it. :-)

2 thoughts on “Here Comes Flock…

  1. I just got a mail from Flock with the preview link…. So far less than 24 hours after your post :-)

  2. Hey Gerv, if your still there ask Chris if he can give Ian Hayward @ Glaxstar a password please?!

    inbox at glaxstar dot com
    thanks Gerv don’t walk home alone out there !!!