12 thoughts on “IE 7 Exposéd

  1. I was thinkig that a good extension for firefox would be to show thumbnails as you float over the tab buttons like what Vista does for the taskbar.

  2. If you have Web Developer extension installed, just disable referrer logging.

    Double-level tabbed browsing? I wonder if it is a good idea for average users.

  3. Eye-Candy is a very important aspect of an application in these times (believe it or not). Sure, most of you geeks out there don’t care (especially those using Linux), but if IE7 looks better, and it renders pages fine, has tabs and other features, that is enough of a reason to switch back to it.

    I hope these things are all taken into account when you guys plan out Firefox 2 and 3. (Which are probably due sometime around Vista’s release)

  4. Wow, pretty slick looking. It looks like they’ve toned down the Luna theme so that it looks nice instead of looking like a headache-inducing “Windows for Kids”.

    It also looks like Windows is poised to make a giant leap forward (not hard when releases are slower than Debian). Linux on the desktop had better look out. Linux is already playing catch-up with Windows XP… if Linux doesn’t make some giant leaps forward itself, Vista is going to leave it far behind.