Trophy Picture

A diamond-shaped glass trophy engraved with 'Best Linux/Open Source Marketing Project'

So I retrieved the award from the hotel this afternoon :-) Here it is, in all its glory. Congratulations to everyone who is a part of SpreadFirefox (or “Spread Firefox”, as the award puts it).

The small writing which you can’t read on the low-res photo I uploaded says: “In Association With Linuxuser & Developer Magazine and, Open Forum Europe” (sic) – a sentence with three mistakes in, which must be some kind of record for a trophy.

It’s going to sit on my shelf for now unless anyone can think of something better to do with it. Suggestions involving blowtorches will be politely ignored.

Update: that last paragraph was a (poor) attempt at humour, prompted by my recollection of the blowtorch incident from Microserfs, and wasn’t intended to imply any disrespect towards the award or the organisers. Rereading it, that might not have been exactly clear. By “something better to do with it”, I actually meant “someone more appropriate to give it to” – as you know, I’m not heavily involved with SpreadFirefox. It would much rather it sat on the shelf of someone who had earned it rather than mine.

11 thoughts on “Trophy Picture

  1. Dude, I don’t know if they flipped you off or insulted your family, but try to appreciate the gesture…

  2. Suggestions involving blowtorches will be politely ignored.

    So, dousing in acetone it is then. Not that it looks very acetone soluble but…

  3. att: some nobody — i totally don’t understand what you mean. what is your hostility directed towards? did you post this on the wrong blog or something?

  4. Please: no hostility intended. I’ve just heard more gracious acceptance speeches. Haven’t you?

    I don’t normally play amateur etiquette police. I just see SpreadFirefox in a slightly vulnerable position this week, and I don’t want to see “poor winner” attached to its diligently earned, once shining reputation.

    If I’ve expressed that poorly, my apologies.

  5. I sent mine from the CeBit to Tristan for the Mozilla Europe HQ, but it was a lot uglier anyway ;)

  6. @Martijn and minghong: it works for me both in 1024 x 768 and full sized (1280 x 1024) in beta 2. However, the bug is still valid with the testcase and the other url.

    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.8b5) Gecko/20051006 Firefox/1.4.1

  7. You could send it to me, a co-founder and the current manager of SpreadFirefox :-)

    – A