Open Rights Group Won’t Take My Money!

Like 1033 other people, I signed up for the PledgeBank pledge:

I will create a standing order of 5 pounds per month to support an organisation that will campaign for digital rights in the UK but only if 1,000 other people will too.

(Actually, I was so keen I signed it twice without noticing, so I guess I have to pledge £10 per month…) The pledge has been successfully completed, and the organisation is the Open Rights Group (ORG). However, nowhere on their site does it tell me where to send the money! I’ve emailed Danny O’Brien to ask him what to do, but have heard nothing back.

Please, ORG, take my money! I’m begging you! :-)

5 thoughts on “Open Rights Group Won’t Take My Money!

  1. Your money is no good to us, mate.

    Actually, they’re just setting it up. We managed to time the pledge to clock the same week as one of the volunteers was taking his first holiday in years, another was launching a major site, one was in Paris, and one was … ermm, me.

    This gets a lot easier when we throw the whole thing open, I suspect.

  2. Hi Gervase,

    We�ve now shaken our internal systems into a state where they might not be pretty, but they should work, and you can now follow through on your promise and support the project financially via paypal, standing order or cheque. This is open to everyone whether you pledged to support this project or whether you didn’t.

    Thanks very much for helping us get this far. We now have much much more to do.

    Any questions, queries, bug reports or comments to please.


  3. Open Rights Group Now Taking My Money

    The Open Rights Group is now able to take my money (in contrast to a few weeks ago). UK hackers, please do sign up to support them….

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    The Open Rights Group, the UK’s equivalent of the EFF, is a great thing. However, and I hope I won’t upset Becky too much by saying this, their organisation leaves much to be desired. I wanted to make sure I was supporting them. So on 21st May 2007, I …