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I just put out a call in netscape.public.mozilla.l10n for localisers to put themselves on the Mozilla map on Frappr (see below). But everyone all Mozilla project code or QA contributors should feel free to add themselves – the more the merrier!

Dear mozilla.org localisers,

We’d like to make a map of where you all are. This is because the Foundation is considering putting on some events or meetings for localisers, and this information would greatly help with the planning.

So could everyone who is in a localisation team take a moment to do the following? If l10n team leaders could pass this message on to their members, that would be fantastic. The more info we have, the better we can plan. We are using Frappr, a new Google Maps mashup which lets people make community maps.

1) Sign up for Frappr at http://www.frappr.com/ – all you need to supply is a name, email address and password, and you can use the site immediately.

2) During signup, in the “Occupation” section of the Basic Profile, put the following text:

l10n products: <product>; <product>
l10n language: <code> (<free text description>)


l10n products: Firefox; Camino
l10n language: en-GB (U.K. English)

The products should be taken from the following set:
“Firefox, Thunderbird, Seamonkey, Camino, Bugzilla”
and semicolon-separated. If you do multiple languages, again please use a semicolon as the separator.

You can say “product” or “products” or “language” or “languages” depending on which is correct; I think the regular expressions in any future automatic parsing of this information can probably cope with that. ;-)

3) Go to http://www.frappr.com/mozilla

4) Scroll down the page to “Add Yourself” and click “Add Me!”

That’s it! Thanks!


[Update 2005-12-23 5.21pm GMT] I’ve made it clear that the map is intended for code/QA contributors. If e.g. SpreadFirefox people want to make one, that’s cool, but please don’t add yourselves to this one as there’s tons of you and it would make it really hard to see the developers!

4 thoughts on “Put Yourself On Frappr

  1. You realize that every Mozilla user is going to put themselves on that map now, don�t you?

  2. Yes, I�m there!

    I even took the effort to find my house at a very low-res satellite photo ^_^. I envy the US, the UK and Japan for their nice maps! I hope Google also aims to make maps available for other countries, such as the Netherlands :).