Worldpay Recommends Firefox

Worldpay are an online payments solution for small businesses, and they recommend Firefox. You can’t see the recommendation by default but, if you go to their page and turn off page styles (View | Page Style | No Style), as if you were using a browser that doesn’t support CSS well, such as Netscape 4, you see:

Why does WorldPay look like this?
Your browser cannot find our style and presentation information. You are welcome to use the page as is, or upgrade your browser to its latest version. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox which can be downloaded from here. If you are using another browser, please see your browser’s website for more information.

Cool! I’m glad some financial institutions are cottoning on to the fact that more Firefox use is to be encouraged.

2 thoughts on “Worldpay Recommends Firefox

  1. David: IMO, if you look at all the possible weaknesses in the chain between my brain and my bank, 128-bit vs. 256-bit SSL is way down the list.