2 thoughts on “Is Free Software’s Foundation Stone Cracking?

  1. I am confident because the transition from GPL 1 to 2 was a success.
    I really think most coders like me will make the switch to 3 without a second thought. Plus of course you can stick with 2 if for some reason.
    Also, Apache Linux will have to accept it and if they do most others will, primarily to get away from the limits of DRM and patents.
    In the GNU 2 era companies/people that wanted GNU took it without delay but with today�s contract schemes like with NATO the play-field has changed.
    Most GNUers I talk to would love to see DRM marginalized as much as possible so this can only help.
    Look at it like this: GNU has won already because it is being accepted everywhere even by the government this past year, and if GNU 3 embodies an impartial agenda like with 2 it can continue to not be a monoculture that ties into secret code that can only be harmful and impede our progress into the future. It�s the spirit that counts and I think it will be prevalent.
    For instance a robot like ASIMO and nano-tech would benefit from open coding’s safety aspects because I would not want a nano-bot running around with closed sourced DRM in it. Way to scary. Allot more scary then a desktop computer, which would feed into all the sci-fi entertainment warnings about the future like The Terminator or The Demolished Man novel. With that you would have massive DRM(Blade Runner) because of this tech�s reach.
    Also, I think if you are hosting your app online you should offer the sourcecode. I dont see why not if it�s GPLed.

  2. Great article, dude! Straight to the point.

    We should definitely keep our eyes on the new GPL, mainly because it is what we all look upon when we want to see what’s possible. I hope they, once again, explore new grounds on software freedom.