GPL v3 Available For Comments

The GPL v3 is now available to read and comment upon. Even if you have no interest in the new licence or the process, head over there and check out the extremely cool webtool (called “Stet”) which has been built by Orion Montoya for the Software Freedom Law Center to manage the commenting process. It really rocks. The GPL itself is an XML file with a custom DTD, and they use XSL to transform it into XHTML and present it to you. Then, Stet kicks in to enable the commenting system.

A comment in the source says:

/* stet will be released under the GPLv3 as soon as the license is
finalized — so its development may be seen as a sort of
meta-licensing bootstrap operation: a program whose sole purpose is to
develop the terms for its own distribution. */

5 thoughts on “GPL v3 Available For Comments

  1. I just noticed a lot of the URLs on that page are (or look like) raw SQL queries. I hope they thought the security implications of that through…

  2. Don’t worry, they’re not raw SQL; the comments are being tracked in RT request-tracker, and those queries are RT’s “TicketSQL”, which in its greater simplicity is also far more eager to just break if you try to break it.

    I hadn’t seen Commentary — I wish I had, and I’ll start looking at it now.

    (arrived via technorati egosurfing)

  3. In the lovely RMS vs Linus DRM ‘disagreement’, I’m squarely planted and fertilized in the RMS camp.

    There’s no room remaining for moderate squishy ‘reasonableness’ in the DRM debate. You’re either with one side or the other. FOSS didn’t start the hostilities, GPL3 is simply the appropriate rejoinder to recent draconian DRM implimentions throughout the industry.

  4. Moz dewds are everywhere! I google stet and gplv3 and “commenting system” and there you are, dishing out just precisely what I needed to find. Good on ya, thanks!

    Ummm, an aside, if I may: I hunted around for Pieter Hintjens, who I got to know a bit when Xitami came out. Turns out he’s president of <a href=””>Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII)</a>. I hope news of his work is getting out. (He wrote a dandy article for FreeSoftwareMagazine this spring.)


    *blink* I tried to obfuscate email addy but that seems to cause failure.