Mozilla Project Localisers Meeting

I’ve just had the pleasure of posting the following message to n.p.m.l10n:

The Mozilla Foundation is pleased to announce that there will be a localisers meeting at the Free and Open Source Developers European Meeting (FOSDEM) 2006 in Brussels, Belgium on the 25th and 26th of February.

All Mozilla Project localisers are warmly invited to attend.

The primary aim of this meeting is for localisers to meet one another and discuss matters of mutual interest and concern. On the second day of the conference (Sunday), the Mozilla developer room speaking track will have a particular focus on localisation. However, attendees will also be able to take advantage of the many other attractions FOSDEM has to offer. FOSDEM is a donation-supported event; there is no charge to register.

While all localisers are invited, the meeting has a European focus. The Foundation would like as many people to attend as possible, and so are offering to pay the primary transport costs[2] of all localisation owners and peers[3] in the following geographical regions[4]:

  • All the areas coloured green on this map excluding Belgium, Holland, France, Germany and Luxembourg
  • Turkey, Israel and Syria

You should consider this a “thank you” from the Mozilla Foundation for all your hard work. If there is anyone who does not fit the criteria but believes they have a good case (such as financial hardship, being mistakenly left off the master list, or localising a project it does not cover) for being offered travel support, they should get in touch.

People who are eligible for travel support should start the process of obtaining visas, if necessary, and looking for flights or other transport. Please do not make travel reservations yet – you will need to book through the Foundation’s travel agency. We will send out more information soon about how to make travel arrangements.

The Foundation has a limited budget and wishes to make the meeting accessible to as many people as possible. Therefore, you are asked not to apply for travel support if you have alternative sources of funds to pay for your trip. Also note that if travel costs exceed our initial estimates we reserve the right to restrict the number of people whose travel we pay for; for example, we may sponsor only the owner for a particular localization, not peers. Of course, we hope this will not be necessary.

We regret we are unable to help with accommodation costs; however, Brussels should have accommodation to suit most budgets. Please make your own hotel reservations. :-)

Please email me if you have any queries.


[2] “Primary transport costs” usually means the cost of the plane fare. But if you find that an alternative mode of transport is significantly cheaper or more convenient, please get in touch.

[3] “Localisation owners and peers” is defined as anyone who is on the master lists as of 2005-01-26. The master lists are here and here.

[4] The choice of this area was made with the help of the Frappr localisers map. The Foundation may consider similar meetings in other areas of the world in the future.

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and I’m very glad it’s now possible. I hope to see you all there! :-)

9 thoughts on “Mozilla Project Localisers Meeting

  1. We will send out more information soon about how to make travel arrangements.

    To whom will you send info? Do we need to contact you or the MoFo first?


  2. > I’ve just had the pleasure of posting the following message to n.p.m.l10n:

    Old habits die hard. ;)

    There is no such post on n.p.m.l10n. You did, however, post it on m.l10n. :)

  3. To whom it may concern, we have a list composed of the people on the frappr map and the localization teams wiki page. If you’re not on it, it may be time to unanonymo yourself.

  4. Hehe. Thanks for your response Axel.

    I already have an account on Frappr. This is only my anonymous identity ;)

  5. Attending FOSDEM 2006

    Tomorrow I will apply for a visa at the Belgian embassy, the reason is attending FOSDEM (an Open Source developers meeting), I was invited by Mozilla Foundation, which generously offered to cover flight expenses, the meeting has a very interesting schedul

  6. FOSDEM ‘2006

    И все пак ще отида на FOSDEM’2006, въпреки че писах друго Mozilla Foundation тази година е решила да събере европейските локализатори на Mozilla и да плат�

  7. Cap a la FOSDEM 2006

    Com en Jesús, en Jordi Mallach, en Jordi Mas i altres companys, marxo a Brussel·les el cap de setmana del 25 i 26 de febrer per a assistir a la FOSDEM 2006. Si sou per allà, ja ens hi veurem!

    He d’agrair a la Fundació Mozilla perquè s’ha ofert a pag