20 thoughts on “IE 7 Beta 2 Preview Now Public

  1. If you’re running XP SP2 all up to date Local Mode still works in IE7B2! If you don’t want to install, go through validation and hose your machine, unpack the installer with WinRAR. Locate shlwapi.dll and delete it. Create a blank text file and rename to iexplore.exe.local and then open iexlpore to run without affecting IE6 at all (or having to install/validate).

  2. Yeah, that is a bit weird. I’ve changed the permalink name back – thanks for the tip-off. I’ll watch out for that in future.

  3. If we forget about the conspiracy thing, the “Suspicious” probably comes from the “Hacking” word in the title tag.

  4. Yeah, that could be it.

    “Hacking for Christ” – That’s bound to be some kind of terrorist activity. Wouldn’t surprise me if the feds are spying on you too.


  5. Praveen> I took the capture on my laptop with large fonts on (it has an insanely high native screen resolution). I’m not sure it would be as bad with a more standard setup. Firefox seems to cope with that though, or merely ignore it completely.

  6. Gerv-

    I showed this to a student, and they said it could be from having the word “hacking” in your page’s title. While it could be more or less conspiracy-related, this seems much more likely.

    Interesting interface on IE 7. Looks pretty Firefoxish. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence ;)

    Not having tested the beta, how do you get into the options for IE? Are they similar to what there is now or is that changed, too?

  7. Hmm, every time I get past the Flash intro, Firefox crashes. Is this a not-so-subtle hint from the Mozilla Foundation? ;)

    Unfortunately even though Talkback sent the incidents it doesn’t seem to have gotten IDs back.

    Using the following (Cairo) build:
    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.9a1) Gecko/20060131 Firefox/1.6a1 ID:2006013104

  8. My copy of IE7 isn’t showing this site as suspicious. Either that image is doctored or some anti-Firefox zealots with nothing better to do were messing about.

  9. Neil: either that, or perhaps someone at Microsoft is following the blog buzz and realised this was a little embarrassing, and changed some server somewhere…

    It would be interesting to test a bit more carefully, with and without the “send every site I visit to a remote server” setting switched on, and sniff the traffic.

  10. So, far it looks like they did a pretty good job cleaning up some of the long standing bugs in IE 6. It still appears to leak memory and slow down when I refresh complicated sites with maps and other coolness… Also noticed the complex spire website works in IE 7, cool beans. Firefox successfully, kicked microsoft in the ass to do a better job :-) keep it up!

  11. IE7 Beta 2 Preview Now Available

    Microsoft’s latest browser has been released to the public, although it’s only a beta 2 preview release. It might be worth checking out. Download it here.

  12. The suspicious Website detector only kicks in to my knowledge if the server cannot be contacted or has no entry for the site. It uses heuristics which I believe are published. In addition, it is not a conspiracy of any kind since Microsoft sites get marked suspicious occasionally as well.