The End Of The (Free) Pipe Dream?

The latest “Our Man From Mozilla” article is now available at The Times Online. Entitled “The end of the (free) pipe dream?“, it talks about the dangers to the Internet of the loss of network neutrality, as ISPs start discriminating between different providers of the same service.

4 thoughts on “The End Of The (Free) Pipe Dream?

  1. Given the choice between a greedy ISP that milks its users for every penny it can and a normal ISP, I know what most informed people would choose.

    …and given the choice between bad service or none at all (the case in a lot of places), I think people would choose to retaliate via the courts.

  2. Xiner,
    I haven’t heard anything about the Senate hearings either, but I did hear about AOL planning (and Yahoo! proposing) to charge for mail. Though it’s a “voluntary premium service” at current, it should not be forced onto us, or degrade current e-mail service either.

  3. The telecoms are whining about having to share the pipes that they paid to build. Would someone please remind them that they built those pipes during a time when they enjoyed a monopoly?