FOSDEM Writeup

It seems rather late to be blogging about FOSDEM, but I haven’t had a spare moment to write it up since I got back. The highlights for me were a great discussion on Saturday afternoon about what the Foundation should be spending its money on, and the l10n gathering on the Sunday afternoon, where a lot of important issues were aired. As many of you will know, the Foundation was able to fund the major travel costs of any registered localiser in the Europe area who wanted to come. Coordinating 40 or more different groups, all speaking different languages, is never going to be easy, simple or trouble-free, but I hope the Foundation can do a bit to grease the wheels.

However, I am getting increasingly frustrated at not being able to go to some of the other excellent talks which take place during FOSDEM. The Mozilla community in Europe is now large enough that I think we should consider having an event of our own next year, around but not at the same time. That way, we could focus on Mozilla stuff then, and find out about everyone else’s cool projects at a different time.

Gandalf’s girlfriend Anna was our official photographer and has put all the photos on Flickr. I rather like this one, though I do say so myself :-)

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