5 thoughts on “The Corporation Is Hiring

  1. Darn. I’m only 16.
    I have experience with all sorts of web technologies.
    I even develop Firefox extensions and have written code for Firefox itself, but no degree.
    I wish I could work for Mozilla.
    It’s been my dream to work for a company like this.
    I hope you guys are still hiring when I graduate from college.

  2. Robert: moving to MV is not necessarily compulsory; many Corporation employees work remotely. If you are interested, enquire.

  3. The API Test Engineer postion is very interesting. This is not something that got much talk recently, but it seems clear to me there would be huge benefits to start include regression testing everytime something is fixed.

  4. Mozilla Corp. embauche

    Gervase Markham signale que Mozilla Corporation embauche, avec possibilit´┐Ż de travail ´┐Ż distance.

    The Mozilla Corporation is hiring. At the moment they are looking for hackers, a release engineer, an API test engineer and two marketeers….