4 thoughts on “Break Out The BFG

  1. I think, from the copyright text at the bottom and the pictures, that it’s the insides of a dam.

  2. That’s a TBM. Tunnel Boring Machine. A least a few of the last pictures are. It looks like it has built a tunnel connected to some sort of water resevoir.

    You can see the digging teeth on the front of the TBM on one of the last pictures – looks like a six-pionted star/snowflake. And you can see more TBM pictures at http://www.lovat.com

    I’m just headed down to a tunnelling site in Southern California similar to this one. In fact, I’m programming a new grout mixing plant, that will feed a TBM on the project, right now. I take advantage of Firefox SVG abilities to build graphical grout production reports for the TBM’s grout and silicate mixing feed equipment. So, you might bump into a Firefox if you’re ever running around in those DOOM tunnels!