“Skilled, Disrespectful And A Touch Criminal”

[Oracle Chief Security Officer Mary Ann Davidson] claimed that the British are particularly good at hacking as they have “the perfect temperament to be hackers–technically skilled, slightly disrespectful of authority, and just a touch of criminal behavior.”

“Just a touch”? How sweet.

For the confused, that sort of hacking is not my sort. See “Why ‘Hacking For Christ’?” for details.

6 thoughts on ““Skilled, Disrespectful And A Touch Criminal”

  1. IMHO a cso of such an IT heavy weight shouldn`t use the phrase hacker when talking bout crackers…

  2. I thought not knowing what a hacker is was a prerequisite for being a corporate executive, police officer, or legislator.

    Brute-force password crack = OMG HAX0RZ!!!!!!!!!!!111111111

  3. Oracle’s in a bad enough position already without presenting themselves as childish and ignorant.

  4. I always laugh when Americans stereotype brits. I don’t think they have any idea how much we laugh about them!