SoC Deadline Is Today

Today (at 5pm PST) is the deadline for student submissions for the Google Summer of Code 2006. If you are wondering what to do, the list of suggested projects is one place to start, but please don’t let that restrict your thinking.

We are, or at least I am, particularly interested in submissions from people who are already known in the Mozilla community. If you were planning on taking a summer job mowing lawns or stacking shelves, please think again. It doesn’t have to be a big thing; something small, self-contained and well executed to a high standard is much better than something large which is only half-completed. It can be something you were planning to do eventually anyway, but would like the financial freedom to devote more time to.

4 thoughts on “SoC Deadline Is Today

  1. Just mentioning, the deadline has been extended to today today (May 9th). See
    this post.

    I already submitted my proposal last week, but I haven’t gotten any comments so far – is that only going to happen after the deadline for students? :-)

  2. I believe that once the deadline is passed, each mentoring organisation will be evaluating and commenting on the submissions.

  3. SoC, also known as, the worst way to spend Google’s money. Gee, just have a look at last years participants. And Gaim are the worst example: spending resources developing some idiot protocol to share musical scores online while leaving much more important things (such as a decent UI and better support for the most popular protocols, like MSN)… pathetic.

  4. Gerv, mentoring organisations are free to do what they like, but a fair amount of them have already started commenting on the proposals that have been submitted so far. Hence my question.

    Patience is a virtue though, I’ll see what happens. :-)