My Name’s Gerv, And I’m An Archivaholic

I’m sure you can all name someone with each one of the four maladies

My contributions:

  • Validavirus – gives a compulsive desire to have your own and everyone else’s websites pass the W3C validator
  • Mental Disusability – a condition where a programmer is unable to see what’s wrong with an interface sporting 23 randomly arranged widgets on a fuchsia background

Can anyone think of any more?

7 thoughts on “My Name’s Gerv, And I’m An Archivaholic

  1. I am definitely a Defender Of Proper English (or DOPE). I cringe when I read poorly-written or misspelled posts, and really fight the urge to correct errors.

  2. I don’t think I got any problem with (DOPE) cuz I be a real good at covincing my thoughts to other people with no problems.

    Jeff: That was just for fun.

  3. Alan,
    No I wasn’t commenting specifically on anything in Gerv’s post or in any of these comments. I truly am a DOPE and I have an urge to correct all grammatical errors and misspellings, in person or on any blog/website/roadside sign.