Greg Stein announced at OSCON earlier today that Google are going to be doing free software project hosting. They’ll supply a Subversion repository, backed by their Bigtable storage engine (rather than BDB or FSFS) plus a new, simplified bug tracker which uses good search and tagging as a substitute for having lots of fields, and of course a clean, AJAX-y interface. No further details yet…

3 thoughts on “GoogForge

  1. I’ve already got a project listed: shareboard. Of course, I don’t have any code yet…. (blushes)

  2. So, does this have any bearing on Bugzilla? Probably not, but Bugzilla’s usability could maybe take some hints toward this project.

  3. I think it’s interesting that it arrived at the same time as a proposal to make Bugzilla more complex by getting it to understand the notion of “branches” and to fork bugs or their fields for different branches. I’m sure there is a better way.