The Largest Web Page In The World

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The largest web page in the world is 9 quadrillion pixels wide by 9 quadrillion pixels tall. It’s designed to give you a bit of an idea of the size of the solar system. Try scrolling across it using your wheel mouse ;-)

Apparently, only Firefox can cope with it properly :-)

15 thoughts on “The Largest Web Page In The World

  1. lol its just on image repeated like 10billion times … imagine if it was like ton’s off different images it would take years to load and like more time to scroll through… i bet theres a easter egg in there like a pic with a llama or a smiley face… i wonder who’ll find it first? assuming its there … whitch it probboly is… i’m gonna find it!

  2. There’s a bunch of them. Easter eggs, that is. And if you want to find them within your natural lifespan I recommend using View Source ;).

  3. I as going to comment the same things as Seth…

    “I as going to comment the same things as Seth…

  4. I forgot…

    The “center” doesn’t works for me, it takes me to the left bottom corner.

    @Daniel: What version of Opera are you using?
    Opera 9b2 doesnt’ handle fine the anchors in the page, so it’s hard to navigate.

  5. Apparently Firefox on linux can’t cope with it, the bottom right ends at ~5million for me, and the <a name=> for the 9,000,000,000,000,000 pixel corner doesn’t work.

  6. Work fine with SeaMonkey 1.1 nightlies, too. Several features don’t work with Opera 9.00.

  7. Using firefox on Gentoo Linux, the furthest I get is the “I love you Amandy!” which I’m pretty sure is supposed to be the end by the looks of the source code.

  8. I assure you that we don’t handle coordinates that large, so it doesn’t REALLY work.

    Of course you’d know this if you’d bothered to count the stars.

  9. Being in the middle, opening page source (Ctrl U), and moving the source windows make artefacts over your page (Firefox, linux mandriva 2005LE, KDE)