Ubuntu Treo Woe

It seems that, unless I’ve misunderstood the situation, more than a month after release Ubuntu 6.06 “Long Term Support” Dapper Drake still can’t sync with any form of Palm Pilot over USB due to a kernel bug. And I haven’t seen any activity which suggests this situation might change any time soon. Are they planning to leave this device class long term unsupported, then?

My Treo 600 coordinates my life, so when it died (an unfortunate incident involving leaving a charger in a hotel room in Amsterdam, and trying to jerry-rig a temporary one; the sort of thing that could happen to anyone) I bought a new one and had to restore a backup ASAP using jpilot. But, having upgraded both my machines to Dapper a day or two before, I just couldn’t get it to sync.

Fortunately, my flatmate’s old machine hadn’t yet been upgraded, and I copied the backup over and restored it from his machine. But I could have been completely stuffed.

2 thoughts on “Ubuntu Treo Woe

  1. I’m using Dapper Drake and I can sync my Palm Z22 just fine. Perhaps the problem only exists with the Treo. Have you asked for help on the Ubuntu forums?