Folder Ordering In Thunderbird

I notice Chris Blizzard (600K JPEG) does something like me, and calls his folders things like “Z-People” to make them sort to the end (I use z__todo). Grr. Why can’t you set the order?

(No, I haven’t looked in Bugzilla. This is a rant; I’m exempt.)

14 thoughts on “Folder Ordering In Thunderbird

  1. I had that in Windows. I called my photo-directory z-pictures so it appeared in the file-manager immediately above the drive that my camera mounted as, making transfer easier.

  2. I use “Zpam” instead of “Spam” for similar reasons. I want my spam folder at the very bottom of the listing where I don’t get distracted by it.

  3. Frankly, if you want a long grocery list of Features That Thunderbird Really Ought To Have(TM), download Pegasus Mail and use it for a few days.

    Pegasus Mail is not open source, but it is freely available, so in terms of looking at features there’s no cost, assuming you have a Windows system. The fact that it only runs on Windows is the reason I finally gave it up, but it was by far the most painful Windows software to move away from, and several years later I still miss it sometimes. I can’t say that for *any* other Windows software I ever used.

    Seriously, Pegasus Mail had in 1994 practically every feature you would want in a mailreader, including a really easy learning curve. Its filtering system is absolutely to die for.

    And yeah, it lets you order the folders in any way that you want, with the minor restriction that only a special type of folder called a “filing tray” can contain subfolders.

    Thunderbird has a *lot* of catching up to do, before it can be anywhere near as good for email as Firefox is for the web. I use Thunderbird at work, where I have only a small volume of email, but if I had to use it for my home email, I think I’d die. (I use Gnus, and even that is missing some of Pegasus Mail’s niftier features, though of course it also, being rooted deep in Emacs land, has many features that _everything_ else lacks.)

  4. (Prompted by Jonadab’s comments…) I used Thunderbird once — only once. I prefer to keep mail on a mainframe, and only keep local copies of things with big attachments. TBird cleaned out my mainframe mailfolder. At that point, I poked around trying to find the “leave on server” “selective download” options that I knew from Pegasus. Couldn’t find ’em. Went back to Pegasus. Been afraid to look at Tbird ever since! 8|

  5. > I poked around trying to find the “leave on server” “selective download”

    Actually, it does have that.

    But if you’re sticking with Windows for your OS, stick with Pegasus for your mail. It’s really quite good. I only moved away from it because I didn’t want to be tied to Windows.

    Incidentally, the guy who wrote and maintains Pegasus uses and likes Firefox.

  6. David Reimer: Were you using IMAP or POP? IMAP obviously leaves everything on the server. I don’t know if the POP default is to download everything or to leave everything; I’d suspect the former, because otherwise the out-of-the-box behaviour would be to slowly fill up your quota until you couldn’t receive mail any more. And that behaviour is normally what people using POP (as opposed to IMAP) want.

    But it’s definitely configurable.

  7. Finally some information on this sorting issue :) Got tired of it enough
    that I decided to get a login for Bugzilla, and cast a vote for it. Of course
    being new to Bugzilla, I think I ended up sending out blank email to a gazillion people who are on the list to receive notifications to that bug report cited
    above !

  8. Actually what I was looking for, I found in the comments to a Thunderbird addon
    page. I’m adding the link to the addon here, and the comment is the last one,
    by CreaTurE (August 18th 2006). The ability to sort the accounts list is what
    I was looking for and that is something that should be in Thunderbird by default
    as well.


  9. Sometimes Ranting Is Constructive

    Three years after my 2006 rant about the fact that you can’t reorder folders in Thunderbird, the excellent Jonathan Protzenko has written an extension to allow you to arrange them in whatever order you like. Now all I need to do is figure out how to re…