Free Data – A Valuable Commodity

My latest Times Online article is now available. Entitled “Free data – a valuable commodity“, it talks about the injustice and economic foolishness of keeping government-collected data in the UK proprietary.

Note that the Times has now added a comment system to some articles, including mine. Feel free to comment there if you want to be nice about it, and here if you want to point out a mistake. ;-)

4 thoughts on “Free Data – A Valuable Commodity

  1. Nice article. I agree that information financed by public funds (taxes) and produced by the public (government) should be available to the public in the public domain. The public is quite a pervasive theme there!

    If you’re interested in mapping, you should check out Global Mapping International. I know some of the techies that do, or did, work with them through ICCM.