Radiotherapy Week 1

I started my radiotherapy course today. Here’s the “before” photo, warts and all :-) I’ll post a new one each week to document any changes. The most obvious side-effect will be to my skin; I anticipate ending up with a very bad case of sunburn. However, I’m told this will only begin to appear after two weeks.

Just in case it’s not obvious: the treatment is to the right side of my neck, the one with the scars.

5 thoughts on “Radiotherapy Week 1

  1. Any chance you could post the picture of the mould they made to hold your neck? Or is that not something you could take a picture of (for example, the hospital keeps it there, etc.)? Sounds like an interesting device.

    That’s good you’re taking a before shot- I’m sure others that would go through a similar treatment would find this helpful.

    Hang in there and God bless!