6 thoughts on “Verbs Ahoy!

  1. No, I haven’t see it. I think I’m even in the same universe as you, though some people would disagree. :) Care to explain for the guy who is wondering what you’re talking about?

  2. Oh, and I agree 100% on the coolness of this. There are too many dialogs out there that say something like “do something really dangerous, or abort if you aren’t sure” and then leave you with a choice of OK or cancel.

  3. If Raymond Chen is to believed, Task Dialogs aren’t anything new but just plain old dialog boxes (available since at least Win95) which are now being used instead of the so far more common message boxes (see http://tinyurl.com/l6ybx ).

    This is thus rather a policy change on the part of Microsoft than any additional shortcut for programmers which will have to lay out each Task Dialog themselves (I haven’t seen any API for simplifying that task yet) – and as a consequence message boxes will continue to exist or even prevail simply because they can be invoked with a single line of code…

  4. Yeah, nice.
    But, there still is that darn dialog close button (x) in the upper right corner…

  5. Jonathan: Jeff has this bit in his talk on usability where he takes the mickey out of Windows for having lots of dialogs with just “OK” and “Cancel”.