GNOME bigger than Mozilla

Perhaps due to their system of filing a new bug report for every crash detected by Bug Buddy, recently took the “largest Bugzilla instance” crown from Current score is 364499 to 357698. Congratulations to the GNOME project ;-)

5 thoughts on “GNOME bigger than Mozilla

  1. We only have 243811 (private+public ones). We skipped bug numbers a few times. Last one was:

    One of our most active bug triager (Karsten Br├Ąckelmann) has over the past few weeks closed 500+ bugs/week (obviously he is #1 on the top 15 triagers list for last 7 days).

    We had a small discussion about this in #mozwebtools. GNOME Bugzilla does about 1500-1800 bugs/week currently. Around 1100/week without bug-buddy. Mozilla does 919 bugs/week.

    According to timeless, 2 years to overtake. As soon as I implement something to prevent these useless dupes, 19 years.

  2. Yeah, but the Mozilla people look for innovative ways to provide users with more features and better, easier workflows. They try to give users what they want. At the same time they’ve managed to reduce the memory footprint. The Gnome people have been trying very hard for most of the last decade to take away anything and everything that makes their product useful to users, while simultaneously *increasing* the memory footprint. While Firefox gets better with each release, Gnome gets worse. If I could get Gnome 1.4 to compile and install on a modern system with modern versions of everything else, I wouldn’t have any use for the recent versions.