Nouveau Pledge

If you’d like to see a free software 3D driver for your NVidia graphics card, but don’t know how to help make it happen, now you do. Sign the pledge, donate $10 or equivalent and help them buy the kit they need or contract the people they need to do the reverse-engineering.

6 thoughts on “Nouveau Pledge

  1. You should include the http:// in your link. Right now it’s being interpreted as relative to / and therefore takes you to a good ol’ 404 page.

  2. I suppose I might as well throw in my two pence, since I actually tried to find that out myself.

    Matrox has both a proprietary driver and an open one. From what I can understand from trawling their Linux support forum though, the proprietary one just adds Macrovision and is actually based on the open one, and the open one is almost entirely the work of one of their forum users doing reverse-engineering. Maybe I’m understanding it completely wrong?

    As for their 3D support, right now my Matrox G450’s sitting on a shelf since I couldn’t get AIGLX working on it. I’ve got a Radeon 9250 right now which does everything I need, so I’ve got no complaints :)