Lazy Spammers

It seems that spammers have now got lazy; they expect their victims to do their work for them. Check out the last line:

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It’s a sort of combination spam and chain letter, of the “Bill Gates will pay you $5 if you send this on” variety. Clearly, spam filters must be working better than we thought.

Thinking about it, what strikes me is their optimism that anyone will actually do it. Imagine the covering note:

Hi Jeff. Great golf last Saturday. Better luck next time!

I was thinking about who to forward this email to, and your name popped into my head. I know you’re getting on a bit, and thought you might be having a bit of trouble… you know. With the wife. Could happen to anyone. I know it troubles me occasionally. Anyway, this looked like a good deal, so I thought I’d cut you in. Let me know how it works out, eh? <wink>

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