Weekly Status 2007-02-16

This Week

  • Proposed a list of data items to gather for each CA and each certificate on the root cert list
  • Participated in discussions about localisation growth in mozilla.dev.l10n and other places
  • Made a proposal for changing the way the location bar works in Firefox 3
  • Did further licensing cleanups; our clean status keeps regressing :-(
  • Continued EV discussions in mozilla.dev.security
  • Persuaded Mike Beltzner to attend the CA/Browser Forum face-to-face meeting in New York on March 1st and 2nd (with Jonathan Nightingale)
  • Send feedback to Mitchell on the last newsgroup Mozilla Manifesto draft; she has since blogged a newer version

Next Week

  • Attempt to reach resolution on the regional CAs question
  • Attempt to reach resolution on b.m.o. security group proposal; need to discuss this further with dveditz
  • Will put together CA certificate list for pending requests
  • Will hopefully start to evaluate certificate requests for which I have all the data

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