Weekly Status 2007-02-25

This Week

  • Continued discussion of location bar changes; produced Version 1.2 of proposal
  • Discussed security group rearrangement with dveditz; currently blocked on Bugzilla bug 303183
  • Brought regional CA discussion to a close; they are going to the back of the queue, but when I get to them each will be considered on its merits
  • Did first pass through P1 CA requests (those from CAs with existing roots in our store)
  • Participated in security review of Cross-site XMLHttpRequest proposal
  • Obtained relicensing permission for Java and Perl LDAP SDKs
  • Travelled to FOSDEM
  • Prepared and led discussion session on Mozilla Manifesto; a summary of community feedback will be available soon
  • Read first seven chapters of “How To Change The World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power Of New Ideas” by David Bornstein

Next Week

  • Take Monday off in lieu of Sunday
  • Summary of community feedback on Manifesto from FOSDEM discussion
  • Investigate the possibility of shipping new certs earlier than release of Firefox 3
  • Look into the bug which blocks the security group rearrangement
  • Work further down CA inclusion request list

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