Data Centre Jacuzzi

I was thinking the other day about data centres. Sad, perhaps. But I’m in good company.

Google recently started building a data centre near a hydro-electric power plant in Oregon, in order to get cheap power and access to plenty of coolant.

Thousands of blades whirring away indexing the web generate a heck of a lot of heat. Is this actually used for anything? My idea is, why not have a jacuzzi in your data centre, filled by the warm cooling water? The admins could use it to relax after a long day.

“Water’s getting warmer, Jed.”

“That’s right, Mike. Europe just woke up.”

Then, why not go further and combine Project Blackbox and wave power generation in big red snakes (currently hollow, but could be filled with racks) to have your data centre afloat? Plenty of power, plenty of cooling. All you need is a radio or fibre data link to shore. Of course, that could lead to some interesting technical difficulties:

“Google’s slow this morning.”

“Yeah. Their Amsterdam data centre sunk.”

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