Gerv at the Digital Memory Bank

In March of last year, I did an interview for the Mozilla Digital Memory Bank while at an onsite in Mountain View. They just sent me an email telling me it’s finally up on the site – and it looks like they liked it enough to do a 10-minute excerpt of the interesting bits as a podcast. (As Jeff comments, they mention transcripts but I can’t see them.) There are also podcasts from Ben Goodger and Chris Hofmann – it looks like it’ll be a series.

3 thoughts on “Gerv at the Digital Memory Bank

  1. I can’t comment on that page (I won’t sign up), but they (and you) claim that this interview is a podcast, and yet it’s missing the defining feature of a podcast — the fact that it can be subscribed to and pulled when requested. Without the subscription, it’s just an MP3 file.

    Basically, I want to be able to load the podcast up in iTunes so that I can subscribe to get and automatically get new interviews and put them on my iPod for my commute to work. Please ask them to do that! Thanks.

  2. Michael: Yes, it was :-) Thanks, mpt.

    Simplex: there’s an RSS feed on the page linked from the words “a series” which will give you new ones as they are done.