Google Summer Of Code 2007

The Mozilla project is again taking part in the Google Summer of Code.

New this year, in addition to the normal sorts of thing, we will be inviting proposals for Bugzilla-related projects, and also projects relating to improving or creating a new extension (for any Mozilla XUL-based application). We are glad to have the help of mozdev in reaching out to extension developers and finding mentors.

Learning from our experience last year, we now have a brainstorming page which is separate from the official list of projects which are approved and have mentors allocated and for which we will be inviting applications. Please place all ideas on the former page.

Roll on the summer!

Update: Students have only until 24th March to apply. And so we need things for them to apply to do! Get those ideas down ASAP.

2 thoughts on “Google Summer Of Code 2007

  1. I’ve thought aloud about this before, but given how much of Thunderbird is XUL and JavaScript it’d be amazing to deliver it over HTTP to a Firefox client: webmail done properly! How much XPCOM etc bits would need to be dealt with? (There are a few questions to be dealt with–notably do you want the HTTP client or server to be your IMAP client?) Is it really an impossibly large amount of work?

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