Weekly Status 2007-03-02

This Week

  • Took Monday off, as I was at FOSDEM on Sunday, so this report only covers four working days
  • Posted summary of FOSDEM discussion feedback on the Mozilla Manifesto, and wrote my own distillation of it
  • Created statistics on the volubility and on-topicness of participants in mozilla.support.(firefox|thunderbird) as input into discussions on post cancelling
  • Participated in CA policy extension discussion started by Eddy
  • Obtained assent from Wan-Teh and dveditz to the idea of shipping new Root CA certificates in point releases (i.e. before Firefox 3)
  • Attended CA/Browser Forum meeting in New York by phone for several hours, to support beltzner and Johnathan Nightingale
  • Started investigation to make sure Registerfly meltdown does not lead to dodgy certificate risks (they have a certificate reseller arm, FlySSL)
  • Completed first pass through CA root cert applications list (P2 and P1), asking for more information where necessary

Next Week

  • Look into the bug which blocks the security group rearrangement (carried forward)
  • Follow up on any CA requests where information is provided
  • Publish the XML file I’m storing request information in (and XSLT stylesheet), so CAs can check their entry

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