Weekly Status 2007-03-09

This Week

  • Did some investigation with the Theora community as to the availability of a robust, production-quality decoder; download size of Ogg+Theora+Vorbis calculated at 120-130k
  • Had phone call with cbrady to discuss outstanding trademark-related issues
  • Rearranged the email addresses we use for trademark-related queries to better align with responsibilities
  • Seriously reworked the Create a new localization page for style and clarity; awaiting MLP staff review
  • Moved Location Bar Proposal to wiki.mozilla.org and updated it so aaronl can do an accessibility review
  • Wrote proposed text for support newsgroup cancel policy
  • Reviewed and rewrote the mail-to-registries for the Public Suffix List maintenance team
  • Sent out request to Summer of Code 2006 mentors for feedback for blogpost on progress; received feedback from only one so far (props to beltzner :-)
  • Triaged the backlog of CA-related email forwarded by Frank; most of it was no longer relevant, but I pinged a few people by email to make sure their requests weren’t still outstanding
  • Made a further set of changes to the CA information based on updates provided during the week
  • Published XSLT-styled XML file of gathered CA information
  • Migrated to a new Thunderbird profile due to carnage caused by changing the name of the server to connect to; commented on bug 274027

Next Week

  • Look into the bug which blocks the security group rearrangement (carried forward again)
  • Write yearly blogpost: "Summer Of Code: 6 Months On" – requires feedback from mentors (carried forward)
  • Start asking CAs to check their data in the XML file

2 thoughts on “Weekly Status 2007-03-09

  1. Alex: Well, I did my own investigations because of conversation on the WHAT-WG mailing list. I’m not involved in any Mozilla effort to implement <video>.