Weekly Status 2007-03-23

This Week

  • Day off on Monday (so only four days work this week)
  • Continued to manage brainstorming list and official list of Summer of Code projects, eliciting ideas and finding mentors
  • Triaged initial SoC applications to weed out resume-spammers <sigh>; there don’t seem to be that many good ones yet
  • Finished Content Restrictions design review; it’s now much simpler and, hopefully, better
  • More CAs went “green”
  • Continued evaluation of QuoVadis root inclusion application
  • Started evaluation of StartCom and DigiCert root inclusion applications
  • Last tweaks to the proposed new Committers’ Agreement; it should be ready for legal review
  • Started planning visit to Mountain View during the week of April 30th – May 4th, visiting Toronto on the following Monday (to catch Johnathan)
  • Java LDAP SDK relicensing – code rewrites are done

Next Week

  • “A CA a day helps you work, rest and play”
  • Implement support newsgroup off-topic cancel proposal – definitely this time
  • Finish Java LDAP SDK relicensing now tree has reopened
  • Finalise dates and book tickets for Mountain View trip
  • Triage of SoC applications

2 thoughts on “Weekly Status 2007-03-23

  1. I keep automatically interpreting CA as California, and then realizing it isn’t and getting disappointed — but then I noticed you talking about Mountain View. I’ll be around that week (though not quite done with school), so I hope you have at least a few spare hours! :)

  2. Can you please clarify the “hierarchy” bit where you say “The same-origin policy still applies” – does this mean that if it’s not same origin, that these policies are ignored and that the cross-domain frames can still do stuff like redirecting?