Weekly Status 2007-03-30

This Week

  • Started evaluations of the following CAs: Austrian Telekom-Control Commission, Keynectis/Certplus and GlobalSign
  • Continued evaluations of StartCom, QuoVadis and DigiCert
  • Implemented support newsgroup off-topic cancel proposal
  • Finished Java LDAP SDK relicensing; Perl is still waiting for rewrites
  • Finalised dates (30th April – 8th May) and booked tickets for Mountain View/Toronto trip
  • SoC application triage with chofmann; several interesting ideas, and progress is good
  • Lots of other SoC work – chasing mentors etc.; this and the CA stuff were the main tasks this week
  • Reviewed initial website for Public Suffix List
  • Discussed possible new INCOMPLETE resolution for Bugzilla in mozilla.dev.planning

Next Week

  • “CA penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck”
  • Find mentors for any remaining interesting SoC projects
  • Start the discussion about which mentored projects make the final list

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