Only Browser Geeks Need Apply…

The Alliance and Leicester Building Society’s “3D Secure” secure internet shopping service has the following requirements:

What are the system requirements for 3D Secure?

3D Secure requires the use of Windows Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6.0, Windows Netscape® 7.1 and 7.2, Windows AOL ® 9, Windows Firefox® 1.0 and Macintosh Safari®.

Wow. It’s a pretty small and exclusive clientele who can run all of those at once. I guess you’d need a Mac (for Safari) running at least two copies of Parallels (one for each version of IE)…

4 thoughts on “Only Browser Geeks Need Apply…

  1. The “Windows Firefox” was a nice touch too. I can�t imagine myself running Windows Netscape 7.1 AND 7.2 at the same machine at the same time. Or Windows Firefox AND Macintosh Safari.

    Hooray to the virtualization!

  2. To top it all off, the page loads fine then tells me it “can’t operate without Javascript”. At first glance this seems like a completely stupid requirement for a page of static content, but looking at the source, every href attribute calls a javascript function. What does it do? It goes to the URI passed as its parameter. Amazing.

    Sites with developers this incompetent are the main reason why I refuse to do anything involving money online.

  3. Oops, and if you happen to upgrade to FF2 or IE7, that means you’re out of luck huh? :)