Weekly Status 2007-04-08

This Week

  • With chofmann, triaged remaining SoC applications in multiple stages as the week progressed
  • Compiled “6 months on” data for 2006 SoC and wrote a blogpost; bottom line is that last year was much better than the year before
  • Found mentors for all but three SoC projects that we consider worthy; still seeking mentors for MathML, Accessibility and XSLT projects
  • Started negotiations regarding those students who have been assigned mentors by multiple projects
  • Continued Discussion in mozilla.dev.planning about possible new Bugzilla resolutions
  • Discussion in .l10n about helping open-tran.eu to avoid encouraging people to commit copyright infringement
  • Wrote a proposal for rearranging the mozilla.feedback.* newsgroups
  • Made some comments on the GPLv3 draft 3 in their webtool
  • Finished assessment of GlobalSign, QuoVadis and DigiCert CAs, and opened the two-week comment period for each application
  • Continued assessment progress on other CAs
  • Took Good Friday off

Next Week

  • Work out final funded SoC project list
  • Start looking at the final three complete CA applications (there are several others which are still incomplete)
  • Start work on certificate analysis tool to check potentially-included root certificates for problems

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